Monday, March 27, 2006

Castle Combe 25 March 2006

Rain fails to stop play

Well, what a start to the season. It bucketed down. The day had started with blue skies and sunshine, but gradually deteriorated. Being the last race of the day, we got the worst of it in the Supers. Could barely see a thing when anyone was close in front.

I got a fantastic start, sailing down the outside of the extra wide grid as everyone else scrabbled for grip. Headed up into Avon Rise to see a car sideways in front of me (I think it was pole position man Simon Powell). I slowed to try to decide where he was going and then managed to get across in front of him. As I passed there was a sickening crunch as Ben Rockey failed to avoid him. You can (almost) see it in my rear view video here.

I was up from 16th to 7th place by the time, and overtook Chris Rome (probably under red flags, as it happened, but I couldn't see them for Chris's spray) to get into 6th - only to see the red flags out at the next marshals' post.

At the restart I got another good start and then ran a steady race. A couple of pretty serious slides, but fortunately both ended with me pointing in pretty much the right direction. A few dropped out in front and I made it to seventh place, before Eddie Benson reeled me in and dropped me to 8th by the end.

I was really suffering with visibility - I had to run the whole race with my visor up - otherwise I couldn't see a thing. I'm going to spend some serious time with screen cleaner and Rain-X before the next round.

No humans were harmed during the course of our race, but some of the cars were looking pretty secondhand. I hope the drivers are able to sort them out in time for the next round at Silverstone on 22nd April.