Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2007 Prep - anticipation builds

It's Wednesday 11th April. Tomorrow I'll be heading of for South Wales and the first meeting of the year at Pembrey Circuit. I can't wait.

The car's looking resplendent in it's new decals, and I've even polished the bonnet - the ali was getting very scummy. I think I've done everything that I can possibly think of that needs doing on it - though no doubt something will occur to me at the last moment, just as I'm about to head for scrutineering or qualifying.

I've never been to Pembrey in the car, though I did it several times on the bikes. I remember it as the "best ex-airfield" circuit - lacking in the third dimension, it's not as good as Brands, Cadwell or Oulton, but beats the socks off the likes of Silverstone and Snetterton. Let's hope it'll be as much fun in the car.

I desperately hope I'll be posting here on Sunday or Monday to say what a great time I had, and how I didn't crash into anything. Let's hope it won't be "well that's it for the season" just yet!