Sunday, April 20, 2008

So much for that...

Well, it wasn't quite "that's it for the season" but it was close. After all that prep, loads of things went wrong, culminating with me trying a desperate overtake, and getting squeezed off the track and into a tyrewall at high speed. Not a lot else went right with the season either - although I survived all the carnage at Donington I only did so by driving like a wuss. Then at Angelsey, some valve components made a bid for freedom. My brother was heroic, driving half way across the country and back to get me a head, but the car was well down on power which screwed up the next couple of meetings. My high point was Mallory, where I qualified third and made it up to second place in the race - only to bin it at Gerrards with a couple of laps to go. Then at Spa I had severe braking problems (eventually traced to a seized bias adjuster - basically I had no rear brakes at all).

Maybe you can see why I haven't been over-keen to keep the blog up-to-date.

2008 wasn't looking too good either when my front suspension collapsed on the Oulton pre-season track day, launching myself and a rather surprised passenger into the tyres at Druids (fortunately he's an Isle of Man TT Racer, so rather hard to scare). That made two-grand dent in the finances before I'd even started. Fortunately, it starts to get better after that.

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