Friday, May 02, 2008


Castle Combe this weekend - Bank Holiday Monday. We were there on Wednesday for a Bookatrack track day, but it was wet pretty much all day. It looked like it was going to be dry for the first session after lunch, but lunch got extended by half an hour, and just before we were due out, it started bucketing down.

I'm not over-confident for Monday. Combe is a fast circuit, and I'm never quick without a decent amount of practice. There were several other test days, most of which were dry, so drivers who picked a different day for testing are bound to be more dialled-in (assuming that qualifying is dry, of course).

Just got this months credit-card bill for the racing account. £897, to be paid out of the regular £750 that goes into the fund each month. Hmm. That settles the question of whether I'm camping or staying in a hotel Sunday night then!

Early start Monday - qualifying is at 9 o'clock. So I'd better be careful on the booze Sunday evening.

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