Saturday, July 19, 2008

Catching up...

Oh dear, the blog's getting behind again.

I've missed two reports - Brands, and Silverstone.

Brands was a good round. I spent a lot of the time sparring with Charles Elliott - and you can read a lot about the race on his blog. I finished in sixth place, about six inches behind Hugh Smith.

Silverstone was more mixed - the first race (in the wet) was great, and I finished in fifth place - possibly my best result so far on four wheels. Unfortunately I got a bit carried away for the second race and lost it at Brooklands on the first lap trying to squeeze my way through on the inside. This had the inevitable result of several other cars going off with me - though the worst casualty was Tim GO who rejoined the circuit just as Bill Hombersley stopped in front of him - causing Tim to retire with a bust radiator.

Here's the video of the first lap and the incident, and a still below:

I'd bent a steering arm and a disk. Although I was able to rejoin the race, I was well down the field and seriously impeded by front wheels pointing in different directions and brakes that didn't really brake. I tried my best - perhaps too hard because I ended up spinning again at Brooklands later in the race. I finished just behind Yo (who did a great job of out-dragging me to the line) for a few points.

So one good, one carp. However, that still leaves me in seventh place in the championship before dropped rounds are taken into account, or sixth-equal if we drop the worst three rounds.

Championship 3rd-place podium position is just 9 points ahead of me on the "drop 3" scoring. I know it's unlikely, but I can dream, can't I?

Unfortunately I've not been able to test for the Mallory round - Mallory testing is on Wednesdays, and I couldn't do it for work reasons. To some extent this shouldn't matter - Mallory isn't exactly hard to remember. But on the other hand, last year I qualified in second place, and might have finished in the same position if I hadn't binned it a couple of laps from the end. So it would have been nice to give myself the maximum possible chance for this year. Ah well, we'll see what occurs.