Thursday, April 23, 2009


Quick report from Silverstone (since Cadwell is nearly on us).

Rather disappointed with my qualifying - 12th for the first race and 13th for the second. Couldn't get a tow early on then spent a while swapping places with Andy Molsom, which probably didn't do either of us any favours.

Last year I got a bit carried away early on, and overtook a huge bunch of people up the inside into the complex, then lost it and took several people out (I'm sorry to say). This year I was determined not to do this, which meant I always tried to take the outside line into the complex. Probably not a great idea - I don't think I ever managed to pass anyone that way, but certainly got passed myself.

Got punted off the track early on in the first race - I think the culprit just lost control a bit on the brakes rather than deliberately shoving me off - but lost me a couple of places. Gradually worked my way back up and finished in a pretty creditable 7th place. Exactly where I was hoping to be, as it happens. Maybe next time I'll hope for a bit more...

The first race was really clean, but I'm afraid I can't say that about the second race. Another driver seemed to be driving very aggressively, and I had to take evasive action on more than one occasion, costing me multiple places each time. I finished the race in 11th place, and I have to say I was not a happy bunny. When most of the drivers are behaving like real gentlemen, and making sure there's plenty of room for the cars around them, it's sad when one person doesn't. Fortunately there was no serious contact (at least none I was involved in!) and at least I finished one place higher than my qualifying position.

Current championship position: 8th.

Cadwell single-header coming up this weekend. I have a cunning plan for Saturday testing. The grads organised a one-hour "grads exclusive" session at 5pm, but I've also booked the morning sessions. If all goes well, the datalogger works and the weather holds, I will get some logger info in the morning, ponder over it in the afternoon and figure out what I should be doing different (driving faster, probably) then put that into practice in the evening session.

Cadwell's tricky because it's so hard to overtake - it's a really narrow track. So a good qualifying position is vital. Traditionally that's not my strong point, I'm generally better at racing than qualifying. But I shall do my best.

Oh, and the wheels point in a straight line now, which it seems they didn't at Silverstone. Thanks to DPR Motorsport for sorting that issue out.