Monday, December 19, 2011

More scary bits

OK, all the scary bits aren't done. I asked Bruce at Arch not to fit the scuttle, because I wanted to mount it using rivnuts and bolts rather than rivets, for easy access. Unfortunately, the scuttle came rivetted to the bulkhead, just not fitted to the car (the bulkhead needs to stay in place because that has lots of electrical gubbins attached).  So I had to drill out all Arch's nice rivets and replace them with many fewer rivnuts, and cover the remaining holes with aluminium tape. A scary business, but nothing went seriously wrong (though I did manage to scuff the bulkhead by resting it on some swarf while drilling).

Next job was mounting the ECU, which means drilling holes in whatever you call the flat-bit-in-front-of-the-scuttle.  I hate drilling stuff because you just KNOW you'll get it wrong and have to drill new holes and somehow fill the old.  After a near disaster where my first planned hole turned out to be directly over a chassis tube, I think I've done it OK. Probably find the bonnet won't fit now, or something. Fitted rivnuts again, rather than having to screw nuts onto the bolts that hold the ECU in place, and order new caphead bolts off ebay because the M5 x 60 screws have got really manked-up heads.

Still putting off any big bits like fitting the de dion tube or front suspension. Will get there eventually. At the moment it seems like I've got loads of time, but I've got a nasty feeling that the new race season is going to creep up on me faster than expected.

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