Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Paint Progressing Pleasingly

Painting stuff is very satisfying. Never felt that about house DIY, but when it comes to race vehicles...

I do like that green. It'll have a black band round the front when I'm done. This was the first coat - the new spraygun is SO much better than the old one. But I still managed a get a run in it - just trying to put it on a little too thick. That will sand down, but the next coat is the final layer, so can't afford any runs in that.

One wing is finished. I was going to buy another wing since my right hand one was pretty knackered. But I found an old green one which had been drilled for wing protectors and a reversing light at the back - and had a couple of cracks. Repaired the cracks with fibreglass, filled all the holes, and soon it'll be ready to paint.

Note to self: must tidy workbench.

Had an interesting time with the compressor on Sunday. Compressors draw moisture out of the air, and you're supposed to drain them - probably daily. I've never drained mine. Ever - like in around twelve years. I did try, but taking the drain plug out didn't do anything - presumably the drain hole was blocked. So this time I shoved a pointed metal rod up there. REALLY should have done that in the garden, not the garage. And/or should have bled the air off first. There was a small explosion and several pints of brown, muddy water exploded out the bottom of the compressor - covering me and everything in the vicinity and leaving a large pool of the same all over the floor. Ah well, at least I won't need to buy a new compressor.

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