Monday, December 05, 2011


My friend "Bish" at Russell-Parry is painting the car for me, but I decided to do the nosecone and wings myself (nosecone to match the car, black wings). Which meant digging out my old Bodger's Guide to Painting from my bike racing days. Ah, yes, I'd forgotten a lot. Not least the mess that spraying makes of everything in the garage. Everything now has a fine sheen of beige filler-primer paint dust over it.
It's a long time since I last painted anything - 2002, I believe. So all my stuff was nearly 10 years old. The paint was thick and gloopy, the spray guns long jammed. So off to the Car Paint Company in Hayes to buy a box full of paint, primer, thinners, tack cloths, etc, and a new spray gun. Nearly £130 later, I wondered if it might have been cheaper (and a damn site easier) just to get Bish to do those bits as well. Ah well, now I have the wherewithall to paint any parts that might need touching up after any track-based incidents in future.

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