Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looks a bit like a car now...

 Well, it looks a bit like a car if I put the bonnet and nosecone on, anyway.

My white board's got a long list of jobs to do before completion. Each day I cross a couple off, and about add another four that I've just thought of.

There's a lot of dependencies, and at the moment almost everything is waiting for me to get (1) the cage fitted properly, and (2) the fuel filler. The cage bars need to be spread a bit and pushed down before I can get the front bolts in.  The fuel filler is an absolute pig to line up properly with the hole in the rear panel - I think a large amount of brute force and a minimum of mechanical sympathy is needed.

My brother's coming down again tomorrow, so we'll see if we can get those sorted.  And the brakes, because they scare me a bit. 110 mph into the Pembrey hairpin is not the right time to discover you've done something wrong with the brakes (is it, Gareth?)

Only other major job is fitting the seat. I've finally bought a Tillet rather than creating my own foam or bead seat.  Partly because I think it might give better lateral support than the bead seat did (when you're skinny, it's easy to wrap a custom seat round you.  When you fill most of the space, it's not so easy). And partly because I thought it would save time.  But it turns out that fitting a Tillet is quite an effort as well. I got it cheap off ebay, if I don't like it I'm sure I can get my money back later.

After that, all the jobs are fairly small - there's just a lot of them.

At work my department has just been reorganised, so I need to head over to California to meet my new boss and new team members, so that's a couple of weeks removed from the schedule. So I need to get cracking and try to cross off more items from the whiteboard list than I add to it.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Roger!
Tillets are easy as long as you bin the adjustable runners. Use the ali box section, and the job's easy. Adjustable runners are about as easy as wrapping your own legs around your head.
If you need the tillet spacers, give me a shout, I'm sure I've got some somewhere.
John (moca2cv)