Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Not a lot of progress over Christmas, I've sorted the new fire extinguisher and all the cabling and hoses for that, but I've been mainly sorting out the electrics and the new dash layout.

I'm pleased with it, but it's been a lot of work to get it all wired up properly and working.  The Dash2 digital dashboard is mounted on an angled bracket, so it faces directly towards me, and can be slid up and down by half an inch or so for optimum positioning.  The other two gauges are a mechanical oil pressure gauge, and a traditional clock (yes, device for telling the time!).  The clock had to be wired with a dual supply, so it's powered off a 9V battery when the FIA switch is off, but from the unswitched 12V supply otherwise.

Lots of hiccups along the way, mainly due to having to order new connectors and stuff, but also upside-down switches, connectors that mysteriously disconnected during fitting, and me getting the unfused unswitched 12V supply confused with the fused switched 12V supply, and so on.  And lots of scary drilling of holes in the dash, the bulkhead and the scuttle.

I was just ready to put it all back together with the scuttle in place, when I discovered the wiper motor assembly I have is wrong.  This dates from my car being a "donor supply" after the crash at Pembrey, and me lending my wiper motor to a mate. I then bought a secondhand one, which he paid for, which I was going to fit. Only it's wrong - the wiper drivers are two close together and don't fit in the holes in the scuttle top. Oh well...

My brother's hopefully coming up again at the weekend. With any luck we'll get the rear suspension all fitted and the engine in.  Then it's almost done ... isn't it?

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