Friday, February 03, 2012

Nearly there now - really!

Some solid work in the last couple of evenings means it's getting very close.  The wheels go on tomorrow, then I can drop it down onto the suspension to settle all the bushes before tightening all the suspension up. After that I need to fit the seat. Then it's a matter of fitting all the poppers (for boot cover, tonneau cover and half-doors) and checking for leaks, etc - and it's all done!

I know that nosecone looks a completely different colour from the bonnet! In truth, it's a slightly different colour, but this is largely a track of the light, since the nosecone is angled towards us and so reflects more of the ceiling. That's my excuse, anyway.  It looks fine in daylight.

I decided to leave the rear wings for McMillan to fit when it goes in for its pre-season checkover. It's fiddly to get all the rivnuts in the right place, and they have vastly more experience of doing it than I have.  I'll get them to fit new front wings as well - the nearside one is bent, and the offside one had a very small crack which gets larger each time I lean on it, and now goes half-way across the wing!

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