Thursday, April 05, 2012

Donington - bit of a disappointment. A stoppage in the middle of qualifying meant I got no decent laps in, and ended up way, way down the grid in 18th place.

Then, come the race, we make it through just one corner before a pileup finds Martin Kay concertinaed into my pristine rear end. Car was OK to drive, so I rejoined, but couldn't achieve better than 12th place from there.

Then in the second race, we're heading into the chicane, but there's three people trying to get through in front of me. I back off a bit so I don't end up in the middle of any wreckage, only to find Martin Colier has no such worries. A screech of brakes and ANOTHER thump up the rear end.

You can see both incidents on this video

So the car's gone back to Bish's workshop for repair before the next round at Brands.


moca2cv said...

Jesus, rotten luck Roger :(

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